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Ilona Langbroek (1970)


Graduated with honors from the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam and based in Hilversum, The Netherlands. 

“Silent Loss”, is a personal series based on her family history in the former Dutch East Indies. The Netherlands has a long history with the Dutch East Indies, which leave all kinds of traces that are reminiscent of the vast but also complex colonial past between these two countries. In fact, her work is about the lost identity of the large number of people who were forced to leave their country after the Independence and their emotions regarding this loss which are dormant but still very much alive.


Langbroek invites the viewer to become part of this memory of the Dutch East Indies, by a metaphorical representation of memories and fantasies through poetic images. She depicts the experience of a time in a distant almost magical country and a life that no longer exists. The sharp contradiction: on one hand a mythical land full of warmth, splendor and beauty, on the other hand violence, oppression and war. 


In her artwork she has therefore chosen to express this atmosphere of nostalgia and sadness, but also of poetry and beauty. Using a strong contrast between light and dark, to create a twilight zone as a metaphor for the disappearing past. To achieve this, she uses chiaroscuro, but also the soft lighting used by painters of the 17th century Dutch Golden Age, such as Vermeer, Rembrandt or the Italian painter Caravaggio.  


As Zelda Cheatle, a renowned British curator of photography writes: “Ilona Langbroek is the discovery of 2021 for me.”

                    Upcoming and Current Exhibitions

2024                29th feb - 1st June, solo exhibition Terra Incognita, Bildhalle Zürich - Switzerland

                         25th - 28th April, Aipad, Park Avenue, New York - United States

                         16th - 19th May, Photo London, Sommerset House, London - United Kingdom

                         7th - 10th November, Paris Photo, Grand Palais, Paris - France


2024                Solo exhibition Terra Incognita, Bildhalle Zürich - Switzerland

                         Aipad, Park Avenue, New York - United States

                         Photo London, Sommerset House, London - United Kingdom

                         Paris Photo, Grand Palais, Paris - France

2023                Solo exhibition REMEMBRANCE, Bildhalle Amsterdam - Netherlands

                         PAN Amsterdam, RAI, Amsterdam - Netherlands

                         Paris Photo, Grand Palais Éphémère, Paris - France

                         The San Francisco Fall Show, San Francisco - United States

                         Bildhalle, The Showroom, group exhibition, Zürich - Switzerland

                         Photo London - United Kingdom

2022                Bildhalle, The Showroom, group exhibition, Amsterdam - Netherlands 

                         Exhibition 'TRACES', Museum Hilversum - Netherlands

                         PAN Amsterdam, Art Fair - Netherlands

                         Phillips Auction London - United Kingdom

                         Photo London - United Kingdom

                         Photo Basel - Switzerland

                         Bildhalle - Ocean, group exhitibion, Amsterdam - Netherlands

2021                 Solo exhibition "Terra Incogita" Bildhalle Hazenstraat Amsterdam – Netherlands

                         Anna Singer Art, Singer Museum Laren - Netherlands

                         PAN Amsterdam, Art Fair - Netherlands

                         Photo Basel - Switzerland

                         Unseen Amsterdam - Netherlands

                         Photo London - Great Britain

2020                Photo Basel Virtual 2.0 – Switzerland

                         Photo London Digital – United Kingdom

2019                 Expo FOS, Loods 6, Amsterdam – Netherlands

                         Fresh Eyes, Tbilisi Photo Festival, slidepresentation - Georgia

                         Fresh Eyes, Les Rencontres d’Arles, slidepresentation - France
                         Fresh Eyes, Photo Basel, Volkshaus Basel, slidepresentation - Switzerland   

2017                 Expo Het Oog, Fotoacademie, Amsterdam - Netherlands


                    Publications & Interviews

2021                 A Photographic Life, podcast - United Kingdom

                         Het Parool, Special PAN 2021 - Netherlands

                         NRC, fine arts review - Netherlands

                         L'Oeil de la Photographie - France 

                         Medium Format Magazine, cover + interview + portfolio - International

                         PF Magazine, cover - Netherlands

2019                 Moesson Magazine, cover + interview + portfolio - Netherlands
                         Shutr Magazine, interview + portfolio - Netherlands

                         PF Magazine, interview + portfolio - Netherlands

                         Uncoated, platform Emerging Photo Talent - Germany

                         Kiekie Tabloid, interview – Netherlands

                    Nominations & Awards
2019                 Selected FRESH EYES, a book presenting the 100 greatest emerging 

                         photographers in Europe 

2018                 Silver Award ,The Portrait Masters, international award - America


2019                 Podium MH, Museum Hilversum, oral presentation – Netherlands
                         Photoplaza, Kasteel Woerden, oral presentation – Netherlands


2015 – 2019     Fotoacademie, Amsterdam (Graduated with honors)

1996 – 2000    Akademie Vogue, Amsterdam

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