Ilona Langbroek (Amersfoort, 1970, The Netherlands)


Graduated with honors (May 2019) from the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam and based in Hilversum, The Netherlands.


I create my images based upon stories and memories, in which I try to visualize the bond between man, spirit and nature. I love to use the contrast between light and dark and the twilight zone between them.


In my latest project I portray the emotions of a generation forced to leave the former

Dutch-Indies and a life so deeply rooted in their genes. But not only loss and sadness but

also magic and animism. 


Animism is the belief that everything has a soul, not only people but also animals and

non-living objects.


Photographically I want to show a kind of beauty and vulnerability that has arisen from

this loss.


  • Tbilisi Photo Festival, Night of Photography - GE

  • Podium MH, Museum Hilversum, oral presentation - NL

  • Publication Moesson Magazine, cover + interview and portfolio - NL

  • Publication Shutr Photo Magazine, interview and portfolio - NL

  • Photoplaza, Kasteel Woerden, oral presentation - NL

  • Publication PF Magazine, interview and portfolio - NL

  • Book Launch Fresh Eyes, Party Voies Off Festival, Les Rencontres d'Arles  - FR

  • Publication Elsevier Weekblad, photography project Dick Büchel van Steenbergen - NL

  • Book cover "De Man die Nagasaki overleefde", Gregor Vincent - NL

  • Book Launch Fresh Eyes, Photo Basel, Volkshaus Basel - CH

  • Selected FRESH EYES, a book presenting the 100 greatest emerging photographers in Europe - EU

  • Publication Uncoated, platform Emerging Photo Talent - DE

  • Publication Kiekie Tabloid, interview - NL

  • Expo FOS, Loods 6, Amsterdam - NL

  • Graduated with honors Fotoacademie Amsterdam, project "Silent Loss" - NL


  • Book cover "Parachutes over Nagasaki", Gregor Vincent - NL

  • Book cover "The Golden Troika", Gregor Vincent - NL

  • Silver Award The Portrait Masters, international award - USA


  • Group Exhibition Het Oog, Fotoacademie Amsterdam - NL